Jordan Village

heritage gift shop

The Heritage Gift Shop at Jordan Village

    The historic Heritage Gift Shop has been a Jordan Village staple from the final days of Jordan Wines. Originally established at the Carriage House on the Museum grounds in 1994, the Heritage Gift Shop has worked to build a facility suitable to house the artifacts of the Town of Lincoln’s Jordan Historical Museum. With a volunteer base of over 60 people, the Heritage Gift Shop supports the Capital Fund of the Jordan Historical Museum.

    Today, the Heritage Gift Shop is located in the heart of Jordan Village. The store is known for its selection of unique gifts and perfect souvenirs. The Shop is also known for its incredible fudge, which is made on site using real butter and local ingredients. Visitors of the Heritage Gift Shop are invited to sample the fudge and choose from a variety of 41 different flavours.

    If you want a taste of something local, the Heritage Gift Shop sells homemade preserves made using locally sourced fruit and traditional recipes created by its volunteers. Also available in the store is an assortment of tops, sweaters, scarves, purses, wallets, jewellery, and other great gifts and souvenirs. For visitors to the Town of Jordan, a stop at the Heritage Gift Shop is a must.

Heritage Gift Shop Exterior
Heritage Gift Shop Interior Preserves
Heritage Gift Shop Clothing Display
Heritage Gift Shop Fudge