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    For a delicious treat and a hot cup of coffee, stop into de la terre bakery. This inspiring bakery crafts organic artisan bread and pastries, as well as coffee, tea, and espresso-based drinks. The philosophy of de la terre is rooted in the importance of locally grown food and sustainable agricultural practices. The bakery encourages consumer awareness and supports choosing organic and sustainable foods and goods. In their commitment to this, de la terre uses only biodegradable and compostable take-out containers, cutlery, and napkins.

    De la terre is owned and operated by niagara-native, Chef Jan Campbell-Luxton. Chef Campbell-Luxton has worked in and experienced the culture of professional kitchens both internationally and country-wide since 1996. He began his training at the Stratford Chefs School and continues to teach for several years at the school. Following an undergraduate honours degree in International Development Studies from Trent University, he opened de la terre to promote his love of sustainable agriculture and local foods.

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